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Why choose us

 We provide high quality goods:

  • German Brand.
  • Huge selection of aluminium ladders and ramps.
  • en manufacturing, we use materials of the thicker gauge, for greater strength and increased stability.
  • ur telescopic ladders are manufactured with significantly stronger structural fastening elements of the rungs than other products on the market.
  • Focus on product design and quality packaging.
  • We have many years of experience in manufacturing ladders and ramps.
  • The entire production process from A to Z is accentuated towards the quality of the product.

We guarantee favorable pricing:

  • The pricing difference between Worhan Retail (retail online sales) and Worhan Wholesale (wholesale online sales) offers favorable economic grounds for further supply of these products to your customers.

We ensure prompt delivery:

  • The delivery of goods is done directly to your customers (or to you) in a quick and efficient manner.

We ensure simple and convenient process management:

  • Receipt of invoices
  • Shipments of orders
  • Tracking of each order
  • Automatic calculation of the most favorable delivery price
  • Pre-order of goods
  • A quick answer to your questions

Did you know that?

  • Even the German Army (Bundeswehr) uses our telescopic ladders

Mobility Ramp 91.5cm (R3)

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  • Item ID: R3
  • Stock status: IN STOCK
  • Gross Weight: 8.20 KG
  • Supplier: Worhan

 It is a product-invention, and a unique solution for disabled wheelchairs, users of scooters as well as a platform which will be suitable for use in other life situations. 2 times folding ramp is easily collapsible and very convenient to carry in the hands, transport it with a car and store it. Although it may not look like a small and easy to carry thing, but the ramp / platform is extremely convenient thanks to its distinctive and unique design.The ramp has a handle, so it folds into a compact and manageable size and becomes 2 times smaller and 2 times narrower.This product is made out of high quality aluminum to EN-131, and CE standards, which ensures lightness, strength and durability, and provides additional charm to this product. All ramps that sold by us have maximum capacity of 272kg. Their surface is covered with sharp grooveswhich provide excellent grip with wheelchair tires, even if it is humid or raining. Product is resistant to external effects such as moisture, humidity,etc., so it is durable and long lasting. This product will immensely ease your daily life and routine, provide additional positive emotions, and remove all the difficulties associated with their transport and storage from the past.All of our products are New, Certified and Factory Packaged.Product main advantages:*Quick and compact folding*Convenient transportation and storage*High-quality aluminum construction*Length open               - 91,5cm*Width open                 - 740mm*Width folded                - 365mm*Weight                        - 7.4kg*Max loading capacity    - 272 kg*Max recommended working height - 30.5cm


  • Gross Weight 8.20 kg
  • Height (with packaging) 40.00 cm
  • Length (with packaging) 14.00 cm
  • Width (with packaging) 94.00 cm

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WORHAN® - is the trademark which can offer the widest range of telescopic ladders and many other types of ladder in the European Union. It is German trademark for development, design and production of various types of ladders and another aluminum products. Currently ½ of the capacity is used for the production and development of telescopic ladders. Whereas we strive to be innovative for our customers, and insight into the consumers’ needs, we divided the production into three production lines.

Our mission is to create innovative and user-friendly goods which meet high requirements, to satisfy consumers’ expectations, listening attentively to the consumers’ needs. Also we raise strict requirements for the whole sales process maintaining the feedback with the consumers and listening attentively to their needs, with the aim to ensure a high level of consumer satisfaction with the quality. This is our main goal! For more information see the sales points.

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